I know choosing someone to work with is a difficult decision. Here I try and answer a few frequently asked questions.

Answers to a few common questions.

How long does it take to build a website?

Usually I like to give each project a few weeks at least. Of course, every project is different but I will keep you well informed of how things are going with realistic time estimates. It's in both parties' interest to get a project completed smoothly but this does not always mean asap as I like to give each project my full attention.

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How much does a site cost?

It's best if you have a budget in mind (and tell me what it is). I'm not here to rip you off or charge as much as humanly possible. I'm passionate about what I do and charge very reasonable rates so I'm sure you'll be satisfied. More information about pricing can be seen on my affordable web design page. I also offer hosting & maintenance contracts for longer term budgeting. These are small monthly payments that you make in order for me to take care of your complete hosting needs along with website backups, emergency restoration, security updates and more.

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I just want a cheap, no frills website. Can you help?

I hear this a lot but I'm never quite sure what it means. One persons no-frills may be quite different from anothers.

I feel your business should be able to express itself online without a pre-made template dictating where stuff goes on the page and how the overall site looks to the end user. In a nutshell, the system I use is perfectly suited for templates, whether they are custom made of pre-made. I prefer the former, but this doesn't mean we can't discuss what you want and come up with a reasonable solution.

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I've got half a site, can you build the other half?

Probably not. I don't like to take on half finished work because in likelihood it'll take just as long as if I had started it from the beginning.

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What if I'm not happy with the website?

The terms for the project will be established before any work starts in the form of a contract signed by both parties. I keep in constant contact with my clients and have had very positive feedback on my communication skills. If you take interest in the ongoing project and have a reasonable level of involvement along the way, I'm sure you will be happy with the end result.

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What should we expect from each other?

We should both expect to uphold our ends of the agreement as detailed in the contract. This means sticking to deadlines in order to complete the project in a timely manner. Of course, we are human and things happen out of our control. However, with good and continued communication, we can resolve any issues that may occur in a sensible way.

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What happens if my website goes down?

Don't panic! This breaks down into two categories:

  • If you chose to host the site yourself, then your first point of contact is your hosting company, not me.
  • If I am hosting the site, I become the first point of contact.

Either way, I'll be able to help.

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What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design (or mobile first design) is a fancy way of saying your website will work well across multiple devices with different screen sizes and resolutions because it 'responds' to a change in screen size. Just try it out, resize your browser window on my site or check it out on your phone. It means you can browse on any device as outlined on my services page.

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What is a CMS/CMF?

These stand for a Content Management System (CMS) or Content Management Framework (CMF). They are systems which allow you as the user to login to your site via a form and create/edit/delete your own content. You are not reliant on anyone to add content to your website so you can create pages of your own once the intial setup is done. The system I use works great on a desktop as well as mobile or tablet which enables you to update content on the go!

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What browsers do you support?

With so many web browsers to choose from, it is important that your site remains consistent regardless of which one your visitors are using. I will thoroughly test your new website on a variety of browsers and handheld devices to make sure it performs equally across the board. I test using: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE11, Edge, various mobile & tablet browsers.

...but what about older browsers such as IE10?

I don't intened to support older browsers as they are very dated and there are numerous free (and better) browsers available.

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