We will work together throughout the project, keeping communication open and positive in order to build a strong working relationship.

This is just a guide but outlines a rough series of events.

1. Client brief

We can discuss your requirements and what it is you want to achieve from your website, whether you have any specific goals or just want to increase your online presence. You can choose a domain name for your website or use an already existing one. We need to work out what the goals of the site are, whether it's to showcase your products, promote your services or to gain more exposure. If we have a really clear idea about what is required and what the end result is to be, then the process will be a lot simpler to follow and should be a smooth and simple process.

2. Gather content

Send me all the content you have (or a link to your old website) and from there I can plan a structure which will make it easy for your visitors and potential clients to get the information they need.

3. Design layout

There are quite a few choices regarding website layout. The easiest way if you're not sure is to just give me a few examples of sites you like and we can go from there.

4. Build website

I will start building your website, keeping you up to date of progress at regular intervals to make sure you're happy with the progress.

You can view how it's going at any time and suggest any revisions before launch.

5. Launch & aftercare

Your website is now ready to go live for the world to see!

I offer aftercare services which would usually be an agreed monthly/yearly rate for future maintenance, editing and SEO work. Please contact me if you want to discuss this.