Your website will look great, perform well & function as expected on a variety of hand held devices such as mobile phones & tablets.

I have been making responsive sites for a number of years and test my websites thoroughly on different devices to maximise the number of potential users.

Your new, modern & responsive website

I will bring your website up-to-date with a user friendly design that will look great on many different hand held devices, not just on your desktop computer. Responsive design allows for the content of your site to adapt to the screen size the user is viewing it on. Whether you're on your PC, iPhone, iPad, HTC, or any gadget with internet access, I think the statistics speak for themselves that people will at some point (already, or in the future) be accessing your website while on the move.

Mobile browsing is increasing

The internet is becoming increasingly more content focussed so your website needs to adapt and respond to different platforms. The new buzzword around the internet is 'responsive design'. In short, this means you do not need a completely separate website to cater for mobile devices. Instead, the website you already have 'responds' to the type of device that is being used to view your site.

The future of web design

I'm a big fan of responsive design as you know your website is going to still look great on different sized screens so you can spend more time on optimizing content rather than working on a separate mobile site.