I believe in being honest and upfront about pricing. There are no hidden costs and I don't do any work that hasn't been agreed.

So, how much does a website cost?

"It depends on what you want"...

...is usually quite true but it's not very helpful when you just want an idea of the numbers involved. Prices vary depending on requirements but generally, I can provide:

  • a basic* site including a secure, easy to use CMS from £350.

* Home page, services page, about page and a contact page would be an example of a basic website.

This may all sound a bit confusing but feel free to contact me so we can discuss your requirements.

Cost effective

As a freelancer, my overheads are lower than a design studio, so you get a professional website for less. Prices obviously depend on what's required and how long something is going to take but there are no hidden costs or nasty surprises. I am honest and upfront about costs.

Images and add-ons

If you wanted to use images sourced from the internet on your website, these can either be free or paid stock images. Using your own photos/images is always a good idea though to bring a more personal touch to your website. Add-ons also come in free and paid variety. In some cases, a paid add-on may be well worth the money in the long run, for example, the media manager module could be useful for a media heavy website.

Hosting & maintenance

If your website requires regular work (or you need to budget for the whole year) then a good option is to pay for regular maintenance. This would be a set amount per month/year which would cover various agreed points. Please contact me here to dicuss your requirements.