These websites feature the same easy to use CMS but make use of pre-made themes in order to reduce development time and cost.

While not as flexible or unique as custom design, these websites still look great and allow a quick start to your online presence.

For a quick & simple start on the web

I understand that not everyone wants or even needs a custom website. Sometimes you just want a presence on the web in order to show what you do, or to write blog posts, or something relatively simple. This is where the starter sites come in. They lack the full customization of a bespoke website but they are (a) cheaper and (b) quicker to make, therefore I can pass the savings on to my clients.

Starter doesn't mean lacking quality

The templates I personally select are high quality and will do more than just 'get the job done'. These sites feature a built in CMS so you can add/edit your own content and are responsive to different devices.